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Introductory things

ECPTextStream is an easy-to-use class module developed to enable I/O operations over “big” text files, at high speed, from VBA. The class module doesn’t use Excel Worksheets, neither any external reference such as MS Scripting Runtime.


  • The fastest way for I/O operations over “big” text files from VBA (up to 600 MB/sec.).
  • Supports files up to 2 GB of size.
  • Supports CRLF, LF and CR as end of each single stream. This is useful when working with structured files like CSVs.
  • No memory overloads. Text files being read with buffer.
  • Minimal CPU overheat.
  • Configurable buffer size.
  • Coded in pure VBA. The module hasn’t reference to any external API library.

Table of contents