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Introductory things

The most powerful and comprehensive CSV/TSV/DSV data management library for VBA, providing parsing/writing capabilities compliant with RFC-4180 specifications and a complete set of tools for manipulating records and fields: dedupe, sort and filter records; rearrange, shift, merge and split fields. Is your data spread over two or more CSV files? Don’t worry, here you will find Left, Right and Inner joins, and much more!


  • RFC-4180 specs compliant.
  • Stable. Fully Test Driven Developed (TDD) library, (69/69 test passed), that includes 650+ line of code for testing. See VBA test library by Tim Hall.
  • Fast. Writes and reads files at the highest speed.
  • Memory-friendly. Files are processed using a custom stream technique, only 0.5MB are in memory at a time.
  • Robust. The library is not just a simple parser and writer, it is also a CSV data editor/manager.
  • UTF-8 encoding support. Do you have a CSV file, perhaps in chinese or some other foreign cyrillic language, downloaded from the Internet? This library is made to help you deal with it! You will be able to read and write UTF-8 encoded files in an easy way.
  • Easy to use. A few lines of code can do the work!
  • Automatic delimiter sniffer. Don’t worry if you forgot the file configuration. The interface has a solid strategy for sniff delimiters!
  • Highly Configurable. User can configure the parser to work with a wide range of CSV files.
  • CSV data subsetting. Split CSV data into a set of files with related data.
  • Like SQL queries on CSV files. Use complex patterns to mimic SQL queries and filter data by criteria (=, <>, >=, <=, & (AND), |(OR)).
  • Flexible. Import only certain range of records from the given file, import fields (columns) by indexes or names, read records in sequential mode.
  • Dynamic Typing support. Turn CSV data field to a desired VBA data type.
  • Multi-level data sorting. Sort CSV imported data over multiple columns using the hyper-fast(100k records per second) Yaroslavskiy Dual-Pivot Quicksort like Java and also other methods like: IntroSort, HeapSort and Merge sort.
  • Microsoft Access compatible. The library has a version for those who feel in comfort working through DAO databases, download from here.

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